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Оригинал взят у [ profile] ars_himmel в ATTENTION AND REPOST! FAKE NEWS about "russian agression"
Attention! Russian and ukrainian armed forces WORK TOGETHER DEALING EACH OTHER (, whatever fake headers wolud copy/paste engaged media. Insiders confirm that (they agree to discover after end of story). Armed forces now cooperate in fact, but their cooperation will be engaged in law during a week, as an multi-side operation to support peace in region.


Ukraine now is under attack of terrorists and extremists who occupied the parliament buildings. See the video with one of their leader - - for not having questions about "new power" - BBC and CNN will never show you that.

WARNING! The wave of FAKE NEWS ABOUT RUSSIAN AGRESSION is about to start. The target is to provoque the civil war and make the region weaker. The consequences can be unpredictable. Russia is against that chaos and destabilization, but western medias got a wrond picture, showing one side position and skipping another.

Cause of this, we, simple people from Russia and Ukraine, ask every simple people from Europe and America:

1. Be careful and attentive to news, see direct web translations instead news channels.
2. Repost this letter and show it to all your friends and neighbours.

P.S. Inside from kiev police: "we are together with people - new government is not legal, if real people will protest - we will not involve. we support only order on streets outside as we can, but armed maidan protesters obstacle our duty, they think they are the highest power"

Please repost.


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